The Science of Mind: The Original 1926 Edition & Other Works

Ernest Holmes

Engage your mind to transform your life!

The Science of The Mind: The Original 1926 Edition & Other Essential Works is a collection of the most thought-provoking and impactful work of Ernest Holmes. Born in 1887, Holmes was the founder of Religious Science, a key part of the New Thought movement. He founded what would later come to be called the Centers for Spiritual Living which now exist across the nation and throughout the world. The Science of Mind faithfully reproduces the original text of Holmes’s books, preserving their original character and integrity. Included within this edition are three classic works: The Science of Mind, The Creative Mind, and The Creative Mind and Success.

The Science of The Mind is part of The Library of Spiritual Wisdom, a beautifully designed series of curated classics written by some of the greatest spiritual teachers of all time. With books covering topics ranging from prosperity and motivation to the occult and metaphysical thought, The Library of Spiritual Wisdom is the definitive collection of texts from some of the most revolutionary thought leaders of the last three centuries and belongs on the shelves of home libraries everywhere.

PS. Se till att köpa orginalutgåvan från 1926 då dem inte har cencurerat bort delarna som beskriver andliga förmågor i den boken.